Poppy & Someday 2 - Made in Los Angeles - The LA Bliss

Kari Jansen is an artist, herbalist and Ayurvedic practitioner, which passion lies in the plant world. Inspired by their unique ability to heal and after years of making herbal products for her family and friends, it became a natural transition to make these for everyone. That’s how Poppy & Someday -which name is based on the state flower, the California Poppy- came to life in her magical studio space of Laurel Canyon where she resides surrounded by the nature. 

Poppy & Someday's products are crafted by hand, with love, and exclusively with ingredients of Mother Earth. Focused on native's plants ingredient, Kari find most of them in her garden -where she loves to pick just blossomed Calendula flowers- but also during her hikes. No synthetics nor preservatives, the pure essence of these products reveals the natural beauty.