M. Greenwood Jams - Made in Los Angeles - The LA Bliss

The prime ingredient in every single jar of M. Greenwood jams is the love between mother-daughter duo Julie Mooney and Margaret Greenwood. As she grew up in a house filled by the smell of apple-butter, it slowly occurred to Margaret that people would also look for fresh, created from scratch jams, and she was right! So now, when she's not hand-lettering labels, you can find her at least twice a week in the kitchen with her mother...

Using local freshest seasonal produce from the farmers market, their own garden, but also friend's and neighbor's, M. Greenwood jams are hand-crafted by hand, in small batches to make sure they are as good as they possibly can. A few classics but also some delicious and surprising flavors you will love to be creative with and incorporate into your breakfast, lunch, dinner, or snacks.