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Easy To Breathe - Made in Los Angeles - The LA Bliss

Born in Mexico, Mariana Abaroa started to create her first pieces as she found connection with the healing elements of using self-expression through clay. And because she couldn’t give it up, she decided to dive deeper and fully commit. Driven from the gratification of creating small batch ceramics with purpose and fonction, Easy To Breathe offers simple, yet detailed pieces « as soulful expressions with intuitive symbols, soothing tones and culturally influenced shapes ».

The diversity of places where Mariana lived and her deeply grounded roots nurture her art where visual tales, and travel experiences come together. Mixing her creative intuition with ancient Native pottery techniques, each ceramic piece is hand-crafted in her new Ojai's studio where she recently moved from Los Angeles. Surrounded by Mother Earth, that's where she can fulfill her adventurous spirit and embrace nature's offerings, the ones she celebrates daily through her collection.