OUI I speak French!

Not a day since I'm in Los Angeles without someone telling me he would love to learn French but don't know where to start...

So today I've decided to share with you some of my favorite French expressions or words so you can use them in your everyday life or during your next trip to France. Bonne lecture !

Image by  maddy nye  for designlovefest

Image by maddy nye for designlovefest

"Bonjour !" Good Morning! What a nice way to start the day

"Le petit-déjeuner" The breakfast, my favorite meal ;) With a cup of tea, and "tartines" slices of bread with strawberry jam

"La vie est belle" Life is beautiful, enjoy it!

"Offrir un cadeau" To make a gift. Whatever the occasion, little attentions always bring joy and smiles

"Je t'aime" I love you, the three most beautiful words on earth...

"À table" Dinner is served, I love to cook for my  loved ones and I love to invite them when it's ready

"S'il vous plaît" Please, because good manners are very important

"Un verre de vin" A glass of wine. White, red or rosé, the people you share it with is what matters most

"Merci" Thank you, always appreciated

"Partir en voyage" To go on vacation. There's always a good excuse to pack your bags and explore the world

"À bientôt" See you soon, I'm looking forward to see you!


And if you'd like to learn other words or expressions, just ask me in the comments. I'd be glad to answer you!