My LA Bliss

Have you ever felt this incredible sensation that seizes in you and never stops growing? You are right here right now and you wish this moment lasts forever? If you are lucky enough to ever have experienced it, you know you have to cherish this special feeling because one can only count a few of them in a lifetime.

Three years ago when I was in Los Angeles for the first time with my husband enjoying a beautiful sunset in Santa Monica, this blissful moment happened and since then I’ve held on to it… As one says "Dreams don’t work until you do", as soon as we landed in France I made myself a promise to work as much as needed to make this dream come true and here we are!

This is the very beginning of a beautiful journey I’ve decided to share with you! I am as excited as frightened by all the challenges that will come up but I have chosen to listen to that little voice telling me that the best is yet to come…