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Stephanie's wedding

JOURNAL - May 5th, 2017

What a joy it was to help a loyal client for the most important day of her life ... When Stephanie contacted me to create her bridesmaids’ gifts, I was very touched that she asked for my help again. I had the chance to help her with her Christmas gifts, and a few months later it was with great pleasure that I met up with her again.

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Stephanie Wedding Custom Gifts Bridesmaids Placement Cards

We discussed the budget, the theme and the specific details of each gift because she wanted all of them to be different and personalized. As for the final details, Stephanie preferred a closed box and after hesitating to add petals inside, I finally suggested adding a small bouquet of fresh flowers on top of the box. We coordinated the colors according to the content of each gift box, and the result was very successful.

When delivering by hand the boxes on the wedding day, I discovered this delightful place: Ruby Street. Located in the district of Highland Park, it is an old chapel that a young couple bought a few years ago to renovate. The renovation has been done with great taste down to every little detail — refined, modern and colorful, Ruby Street is the perfect place!

The bride was a little nervous, so I took the opportunity to reassure her and give her some last-minute advice on this important day ... Finally I wished her the best for her new life, and I left with a huge smile. The simple joy of knowing that you’ve made someone happy is what I prefer in my job!

Stephanie Wedding Custom Gifts Bridesmaids
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