Jessica Alexander - Photographer

Today I'm introducing you to Jessica, a British lifestyle photographer based in Los Angeles and contributor to The LA Bliss website and blog.

I wanted to know more about her life in LA... Enjoy ;)

Hi Jess! How long have you lived in LA and where exactly? I moved from London to Venice beach 2 years ago. 

How does LA influence your work? I love working with natural light when possible, so shooting in Los Angeles using the amazing light here is a dream! 

How would you describe your relationship with the city? I find Los Angeles very inspiring. We are surrounded by so much beauty, from the ocean and mountains to the desert. It's also an exciting place to be right now, the creative communities are thriving as a result of many artists and entrepreneurs migrating here.

Jessica Alexander - Photographer - Your LA Bliss - The LA Bliss
Jessica Alexander - Photographer - Your LA Bliss - The LA Bliss

What is your favourite neighbourhood and why? Venice Beach. When I first visited Los Angeles with my husband we both fell in love with Venice. The ocean, wide sandy beaches, friendly locals and easy going attitude.  

What is your best memory in LA so far? I will never forget the first time I walked down Venice pier. It was a beautiful clear January morning and I had an ear to ear smile. Actually it still makes me smile every time! Being on Venice pier watching the waves crash below is hard to beat. 

Describe your perfect day in LA (places, activities...)? Well it would have to be a Sunday and I would spend the whole day in Venice. I love to start the day off right with a early yoga class at Yoga Nest followed by a Green Juice -in true LA style! Then I head home and make some lunch for my husband and I, play with the dog in the garden and Skype family and friends back home in England. In the afternoon our favourite thing to do is walk down to the boardwalk and take in all the activity. I especially love the roller disco! We also have a Sunday evening ritual of watching the sunset south of Venice pier. It's the perfect start to a new week! 

Thank you Jessica! If you want to learn more about her work check her website ;)

Jessica Alexander - Photographer - Your LA Bliss - The LA Bliss
Jessica Alexander - Photographer - Your LA Bliss - The LA Bliss
Jessica Alexander - Photographer - Your LA Bliss - The LA Bliss

Stephanie's Wedding

What a joy it was to help a loyal client for the most important day of her life ... When Stephanie contacted me to create her bridesmaids’ gifts, I was very touched that she asked for my help again. I had the chance to help her with her Christmas gifts, and a few months later it was with great pleasure that I met up with her again.

Stephanie Wedding - Custom Gifts Bridesmaids - The LA Bliss

We discussed the budget, the theme and the specific details of each gift because she wanted all of them to be different and personalized. As for the final details, Stephanie preferred a closed box and after hesitating to add petals inside, I finally suggested adding a small bouquet of fresh flowers on top of the box. We coordinated the colors according to the content of each gift box, and the result was very successful.

Stephanie Wedding - Custom Gifts Bridesmaids - The LA Bliss

When delivering by hand the boxes on the wedding day, I discovered this delightful place: Ruby Street. Located in the district of Highland Park, it is an old chapel that a young couple bought a few years ago to renovate. The renovation has been done with great taste down to every little detail — refined, modern and colorful, Ruby Street is the perfect place!

Stephanie Wedding - Custom Gifts Bridesmaids - The LA Bliss

The bride was a little nervous, so I took the opportunity to reassure her and give her some last-minute advice on this important day ... Finally I wished her the best for her new life, and I left with a huge smile. The simple joy of knowing that you’ve made someone happy is what I prefer in my job!

Stephanie Wedding - Custom Gifts Bridesmaids - The LA Bliss

Elizabeth Kennedy - Paradise People

My love for Los Angeles and its unique lifestyle is unconditional and the reason why I've created The LA Bliss... And because I'm not the only one to feel this way, today I'm introducing our series of interviews "Your LA Bliss". Enjoy!


Hi! Can you please introduce yourself?

Hi, I'm Elizabeth founder of Paradise People and mother of two boys, Ollie & Otto.

Since how long do you live in LA and where exactly?

I've lived in Los Angeles, 10 years. 5 years in Malibu and 5 years in Venice.

How LA influences your work?

LA's outdoor & beach culture gave me the idea that a beautiful beach blanket is an essential thing to own.

How would you describe your relationship with the city?

Comfortable and fulfilling

What is your favorite neighborhood and why?

I love Venice for it's walkability, proximity to the coast, restaurants, and colorful people. Although, Malibu is creeping back to my number one, as hiking, surfing and nature are becoming more important to me than ever.

What is your best memory in LA so far?

Ahh there are many... but a recent one is rolling out a Paradise People blanket at the top of Coral Canyon and watching the Perseid Meteor Shower

Describe your perfect day in LA (places, activities...)?

A quick, yet delicious breakfast, any of these would do:

  • Black Coffee from Intelligentsia (so expensive, but such a treat)
  • Coffee from Groundwork
  • Avocado toast from Gjelina Take Away
  • Breakfast Plate from Gjusta
  • Morning Glory Muffin from Malibu Kitchen
  • Black Gold Smoothie from SunLife Organics

Surfing at First Point or Topanga

Laying in the sun, reading a book and building sand castles at the beach

Fish Tacos at Reel Inn

Sunset hike at Solstice or Temescal Canyon

Concert at The Greek, Hollywood Bowl, Santa Monica Pier or The Fonda

or wine and apps with friends at Venice Beach Wines

Thank you Elizabeth!

OUI I speak French!

Not a day since I'm in Los Angeles without someone telling me he would love to learn French but don't know where to start...

So today I've decided to share with you some of my favorite French expressions or words so you can use them in your everyday life or during your next trip to France. Bonne lecture !

Image by  maddy nye  for designlovefest

Image by maddy nye for designlovefest

"Bonjour !" Good Morning! What a nice way to start the day

"Le petit-déjeuner" The breakfast, my favorite meal ;) With a cup of tea, and "tartines" slices of bread with strawberry jam

"La vie est belle" Life is beautiful, enjoy it!

"Offrir un cadeau" To make a gift. Whatever the occasion, little attentions always bring joy and smiles

"Je t'aime" I love you, the three most beautiful words on earth...

"À table" Dinner is served, I love to cook for my  loved ones and I love to invite them when it's ready

"S'il vous plaît" Please, because good manners are very important

"Un verre de vin" A glass of wine. White, red or rosé, the people you share it with is what matters most

"Merci" Thank you, always appreciated

"Partir en voyage" To go on vacation. There's always a good excuse to pack your bags and explore the world

"À bientôt" See you soon, I'm looking forward to see you!


And if you'd like to learn other words or expressions, just ask me in the comments. I'd be glad to answer you!



Holiday Pop Up Store

It's been an incredible whirlwind since 4 months and I couldn't be more grateful about that especially today, on Thanksgiving!!

I've met amazing makers and doers since my arrival in Los Angeles and I've learned so much from them... Each one of them is so inspiring and I can't wait to share their story here with you.

But before, I've an awesome news for all of you that are or will be in LA: I'm at The Grove until December 31st for a special Holiday pop up store where you will be able to shop all of my gift boxes!

Hope to see you there ;)

Gift Boxes - Made in Los Angeles.jpg