The LA Bliss

The light, the ocean, this feeling of freedom… A few years ago Marina was touched by "The LA Bliss". Obsessed by the city, she finally decided to make her dream come true in 2016 and moved to the City of Angels. Celebrating a unique lifestyle, The LA Bliss is a unique curation of the best "Made in Los Angeles" goods.  Locally sourced and passionately curated to offer a true gift experience,that's what makes The LA Bliss so special and unique.


Growing up in the natural environment of Provence in France, Marina enjoyed the Mediterranean “art de vivre” from the very beginning. Being very sensitive to beautiful things, she developed this special taste, her creative part and worked successfully in high-end fashion retail. The most important things in her life are spending time with her family and friends, cooking fresh products from farmers’ markets and going for long walks. All moments she cherishes and loves to make memorable.

About - The LA Bliss